Being a Global Citizen
Global Citizenship means that as citizens of the world, we have responsibilities to each other and to the Earth itself. Whether through sharing knowledge, volunteerism, advocacy or philanthropy, everyone, including young people, can make a difference.
Being a Global Citizen Means You:
1 Spend time learning about the wider world and understand the way you fit in as a global citizen. You can read newspapers, watch the news on TV, or look at news websites to find out what is going on in the world. Talk to your parents, teachers and friends about issues affecting your school, community or country, or another country. By sharing ideas, we can help come up with ways to make the world a better place.
2 Learn about and pay attention to the ways that money, politics, culture (like movies and music), technology (like the internet), and the environment (natural resources) affect the world.
2 Learn about and respect the many different peoples and cultures in the world. Start by getting to know the people at school and in your community and asking them about their families and backgrounds. Share what you learn with others. Remember, you can improve the world through small, everyday actions.
Teach a Game — Teach a friend or classmate a game they do not know how to play, and have them teach you a new game as well. This is a good way to teach others about what is special to you and to learn about other people at the same time.
Make a New Friend — Ask a classmate who doesn't usually play with your group of friends to join you in an activity. Join a group that you don't usually play with.
International Fair — Organize an International Fair at your school. Enlist students to prepare foods and/or crafts representing their cultural backgrounds. Sell tickets to family and friends and donate the profits to an international cause, such as building classrooms in Afghanistan.
2 Become active in your own community - help to make your home a better place to live.
Ask City Hall — Students write to their city government asking for new playground equipment in a local park.
Adopt a park or beach — Get your friends and classmates together to help keep it clean.
Holiday Treats — Collect canned or non-perishable foods for a local food bank; donations are especially needed during the holidays.
2 Participate in the global community - take steps to make the world a better place for everyone. Even though you're far away, you can help people in other countries who live in difficult or dangerous situations.
Change to Make a Change — Raise money to buy school supplies for Afghan students or to build a classroom by collecting spare change. Put a box in your classroom for collecting the change and then set a goal. Every penny counts!
Concerts for Classrooms —Invite a band from a local high school to perform a concert or hold a talent show at your school. Proceeds from the ticket sales can go toward building a classroom in Afghanistan.
Read-a-thon — Get local companies or businesses to agree to donate a specific amount ($1) for every book you and your classmates read. Use the money for helping an international cause.
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Teach a friend or classmate a game they do not know how to play, and have them teach you a game as well.
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