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About Us


To connect young people in the USA with kids from other countries to grow more understanding of one another cultures, countries, and experiences. We hope to allow both sides to gain more understanding about the experience of other young people around the world and have a broadened perspective that informs the way they view others, global affairs, education, and daily life to invigorate and empower both sides to strive for a better and more connected world.

Meet The Team

Cristina Ionescu
Current Officers (2023-2024
President - Esther Kirabo
Vice President - Aida Bozorgchami
Secretary - Piper Donald
Treasurer - Caitlyn Garcia
Logistics Manager - Mehr Lamba

Our connections from around the world

Uganda one of our collaborators
Malta one of our collaborators
Australia one of our collaborators
India one of our collaborators
China one of our collaborators
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